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CTS 232 - Network Design - Winter Quarter » Checklist for WSUS » Yesterday 10:35 am

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Thanks for replying.  If anyone else has a good article that describes installation, post it here.  It would help if we were using the same set of instructions for troubleshooting.  

Linux Class » Article #6 - Due 19th - No school Monday! » Yesterday 9:22 am

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Intel has a line of dedicated GPUs coming out in 2020, and they're sending the message that driver support for Linux will be a high priority.  Intel seems to want to build trust within the Linux community early on which cold give them an edge in the ever-increasing GPU wars that will be coming soon.  With Intel in the GPU market, it will be interesting to see how Nvidia and AMD respond.  Perhaps due to the increasing competition, solid Linux support will become the new standard. 


Phil Bentz

Linux Class » Article #6 - Due 19th - No school Monday! » Yesterday 8:57 am

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Ubuntu 18.04.2 has upgraded its Linux kernel from 4.15 to the  4.18 Linux kernel. This kernel comes with Spectre and Meltdown security patches and improved hardware drivers.

Linux Class » Article #6 - Due 19th - No school Monday! » Yesterday 8:52 am

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I found this article about Being able to use an android phone as a Linux Pc. A South Korean tech company has launched “Linux on DeX” app in beta. The Samsung Linux On DeX app will let users of certain Samsung models run a full Ubuntu desktop on their devices. However, the the feature is only available on two Samsung devices right now which are the Samsung note 9 and Samsung Tab S4.


Linux Class » Article #6 - Due 19th - No school Monday! » Yesterday 8:03 am

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This article is about Linux  cockpit a web based interface. Where you get administrative rights to systems online.  Cockpit let’s you monitor system activity watch network activity view and install updates. It also shows you how to install it so give it a shot.- Juan  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.networkworld.com/article/3340038/linux/sitting-in-the-linux-cockpit.amp.html

Linux Class » Article #6 - Due 19th - No school Monday! » Yesterday 5:25 am

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In this article they talk about the new Linux crypto-mining malware kills other malicious miners upon installation. The researchers discovered the malware while doing a routine log check after spotting a script within one of their honeypots.

~ Ashley Crites

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