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Exchange Server 2016 Instructions

Post your links to the articles that you find on :

"Installing Exchange Server 2016 on a single Server"

"Installing Exchange Server 2016 on a Domain Controller"

Post as a reply - This is your first assignment.  You need to find a set of instructions.  READ THEM - and post to the discussion board.  I know some of them are going to be repeats of other instructions.  Most important are the pre-requisites to installing.

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Re: Exchange Server 2016 Instructions

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/Exchange/exchange-server?view=exchserver-2019, even though the website lists server 2019, it was posted under a combined category for installing exchange 2016 and 2019. the website includes a link to the Microsoft Exchange server deployment assistant, which can create a personalized checklist for you. 


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Re: Exchange Server 2016 Instructions



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