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6/06/2018 9:52 am  #1

Final Project Checklist

CTS 150/160 - Final Project  Individually (you may ask other people for help, but they can't touch the keyboard or mouse or remote into your system) - Your server can either be on your current partition or in Hyper-V. You will be graded on how well you follow instructions. Last day of regular classes is June 12th.  
[*]Create a domain called studentdomainXX.cts XX is the last digits of your IP address
[*]The server will have your first name and DC after it and IP address. Example “daveDCXX”
[*]Create a client computer in Hyper-V and join it to your domain - “firstnameClientXX”
[*]Create a user on your domain called “Test User” Login ID = testuser Password = Password1
[*]Put the user and computer into an OU called “HighSecurityOU”
[*]Implement a combination of User and/or Computer Policy to lock down your OU
[*]No access to Control Panel
[*]No access to Run Command
[*]No access to Powershell or CMD prompt
[*]Cannot save to C:\ drive
[*]Can create folders on Desktop or in Documents
[*]Users will have to agree to Terms of Service upon login “Interactive Logon Message
[*]Users Documents redirected to a folder on the server – Folder Redirection
[*]Users cannot install software – This is a tough one, but is related to the C:\ block
[*]Background in Windows is locked to the corporate background. You make the background
[*]Set a policy that the computer can only be used between the hours of 9AM-5PM
[*]Install Chrome on the client computer (as admin if you have blocked installation)
[*]Use article on discussion board to set starting page of Chrome using GPO/ADMX template
[*]Turn off the “Mail” application. In a corporate environment they would be using Outlook.
[*]Use GPO to deploy software to your user/computer – needs to be a .msi file – Software Installation.


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