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1/29/2019 8:52 am  #1

File Sharing in Linux

File sharing in Linux has gotten much easier.  The native Unix/Linux protocol is NFS, but it difficult to setup.  You could also use SSH or setup an FTP server, but the easiest way to share files is to use the SMB protocol.  Ironically, this is also the protocol that Windows uses.   In an effort to be cross compatible with Windows the Linux community developed SAMBA which also works great for sharing between Linux machines too.  If SAMBA is not installed it will probably prompt you to install it when you attempt to create a file share.  Alternatively, you  can install it.



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Re: File Sharing in Linux

You can accomplish simple file sharing by right clicking folders. If you want a more detailed account of setting up a Samba Server look here:



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Re: File Sharing in Linux

File sharing in Linux should be easy, but it seems like there are several ways to do it even through Nautilus.  WebDAV and Samba are mentioned in this discussion forum link;


It makes for a good read, and as Linux newbies it is a good way to see if you understand what they are talking about.

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