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1/29/2019 9:27 am  #1

Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

Post your next article here.  Maybe there is a project in Linux?  New applications?  New distro you would like to try?
Post a summary, link to original article, put your name on it...  Please spend some time looking for a good article and actually read it.  Your summary should be a paragraph or more.


1/29/2019 9:36 am  #2

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

We have installed Apache2.  Some of you have edited the index.html file.  That is a good start.  The two things we wanted to have on our own basic web pages would be a link and an image.  You will need to download an image and put it in the same directory as the index.html file.  Rename the image to something easy if it has a long filename.




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1/31/2019 8:58 am  #3

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

Pine64, a company that made a $90 dollar linux laptop, is now releasing a new linux tablet. The laptop will be around $80 dollars. They are also releasing a new laptop, smartphone, camera, single board computers, and retro gaming kit. The article continues on about the new tech's hardware but doesn't give a specific release date. https://www.pcmag.com/news/366273/pine64-to-launch-79-linux-tablet-199-pinebook-pro-laptop
-Wade Dahl

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1/31/2019 9:00 am  #4

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

This article talks about different commands you can use in Terminal. These commands make your terminal do different stuff like make jokes, have a train, make your terminal look like the matrix, and more. You can even open a fire in a new window that looks like code. There are 15 different commands if you feel like making your terminal do something else than what we normally do.



1/31/2019 9:41 am  #5

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

This article goes over 27 interesting facts about Linux. One of them that i did not know was that 90% of Hollywoods Visual Fxs rely on Linux. Also that Steve jobs tried to stop Linux development  by trying to employ Linus Torvalds the creator of Linux.- Juan


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1/31/2019 9:44 am  #6

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

https://www.fossmint.com/best-ubuntu-apps/ link to great website on useful apps and how to install them. Apps include stacer (system memory and disk usage), Git book editor (notes) and twenty others.


1/31/2019 5:51 pm  #7

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

Pine64 is releasing the first tablet that comes with linux on the machine, called the pinetab. Pine64 have already released a line of single board computers as well as a 99$ dollar laptop with linux on it. this will be the first tablet that will run a mainline distro of linux that looks and operates like a desktop OS. Performance wise it will never blow any computer out of the water but it will easily run different distros of linux. i think this article is very interesting because it shows linux's growth and flexibility in the computer market.


2/01/2019 6:30 am  #8

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

Astronauts will soon be able to use a supercomputer to help run science experiments on the International Space Station. A Linux-based computer that was built on earth “with the same pizza box-sized servers that you would see in any data center,” not specifically designed for space was sent into orbit aboard the ISS. It was only supposed to be there to see how it would survive in space for a short period of time but is now being used to process data from science experiments.https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/1/18050172/hpe-supercomputer-space-station


2/01/2019 9:16 am  #9

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

This new release brings some real performance improvements, making this heavy Linux desktop environment more lightweight. GNOME Shell is used by default on Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions.



2/01/2019 9:16 am  #10

Re: Article #4 --- Due by February 4th

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 5.0-rc1, an update for the Linux kernel with improvements to CPU and GPU and in addition to support for AMD’s FreeSync display, it also comes with support for Raspberry Pi Touchscreen.


Adam Benson

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