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1/29/2019 2:04 pm  #1

Advanced Project - LAMP install - Discussion Forum

Installing a LAMP stack is mostly a step by step process.  The tricky part for students is usually setting up the database to link to the website and setting up user permissions.  This article walks through each step and in the final part has you setting up a discussion forum called Vanilla Forum.  Other uses for LAMP installations are for Wordpress sites.  Linux Apache MySQL PHP

IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS - COMPLETELY UNINSTALL APACHE2 FIRST!  I would also delete the default folders if they are still there after the uninstall (the folders your index.html files was in).


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1/30/2019 9:01 am  #2

Re: Advanced Project - LAMP install - Discussion Forum

There are other options for LAMP installs.  One is a bulletin board called phpBB another is Wordpress which in very popular.


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