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2/11/2019 9:14 am  #21

Re: Article #5 - Due Feb 11th

Pi hole is a linux application that detects and removes advertisements at the DNS level, this can provide network wide ad blocking by setting this up on a raspberry pi and changing your DNS settings to point to the pi. 



2/11/2019 9:24 am  #22

Re: Article #5 - Due Feb 11th

This article lists the the top five best Linux Distros for gaming. Their aren't many Linux distros made specifically for gaming, but rather it's due to that most modern Linux distros support virtually every type of recent graphics card anyway. In this article you will discover the top five Linux gaming distros. 



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2/11/2019 9:24 am  #23

Re: Article #5 - Due Feb 11th

This article give some background and overview of Linux desktop distrobution elementary OS. The elementary OS started out as a set of icons for Ubuntu's GNOME 2 OS, and then expanded to apps. Eventually all the apps and customizations were so difficult to install individually that the elementary development team began creating their own distribution. The 1st version released in 2012 for a "pay-what-you-want" fee.

elementary OS does not run well in a virtual machine, apparently due to upstream problems.


-Kayla R.


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